Ways we assist research

Members of the group have been involved in project design, development and implementation stages of research studies.

Researchers are encouraged to discuss ideas for projects from an early stage, patient representative input can improve proposals before the grant application or ethics submission. The group assists in ensuring that patient and carer views and needs are considered.

Discussion forum

We are interested in all types of Stroke & Aphasia research!

Come and sound out new ideas or share your findings with us - we are the people your research ultimately impacts upon.

Prioritise important topics

Is there an area of research you think is overlooked?

We can help identify and prioritise topics which are important to you, and those who will be taking part.

Spread the word

The best way to increase the awareness of research? Word of mouth!

Coming to us may help you find participants; some of our members are part of various groups, and will happily share information they think others will be interested in.

Enhance recruitment

We are home to potential participants.

Our members can help provide useful advice on the pathways to take to recruit more patients.

Protocol development

Does your protocol make sense?

Feedback from our group can help to shape a protocol toward ethical approval, improve recruitment and keep participants interested in a study.

Improve study documents

We sense check your written communication.

We can review lay summaries and patient facing documents to check that they are clear and understandable to the target audience; ensuring they are ready to be sent into the Research Ethics Committee.